Chapter 5854: Myriad To One!  

Heaven Curse was dreadful and lingered until the target’s death. This happened to Lord of Derivation.

He found that destroying it was impossible, sealing it deep into his colossal body and separating it from the tribulation lightning bolts. Nevertheless, it remained a drawn executioner blade, always ready to put an end to him.

With the help of Elder Galaxy, he maintained enough stability and control to direct it at Li Qiye, summoning a tribulation within the target.

With Li Qiye weakened and his defenses shattered, the curse made its way in and caused more devastating damage.

The endless ocean of bolts around Li Qiye frightened the overlords themselves. Being subjected to both internal and external tribulations would kill them.

“Ahh!” Meanwhile, Derivation screamed from the pain.


Nevertheless, the madman still directed his curse at Li Qiye, attempting mutual destruction.

“Boom!” Once the curse reached its limit, a massive figure appeared in the ocean of lightning.

Not to mention emperors, even overlords trembled before this ultimate being - heavenly tribulation incarnate.

The figure descended and seemingly melted into Li Qiye, intensifying the devastating effects on both Li Qiye and Derivation.

Waves of the strongest lightning in existence swept over Li Qiye, overwhelming his unbreakable physique.

“Myriad To One!” Imperial Progenitor threw his epoch sword forward.


“Clank!” The vitality and karma of beings accumulated in his cultivation gathered onto the piercing strike.

“Eternal Life!” Primal unleashed the final variation of his bloodaxe, also throwing it at Li Qiye. Everything in its trajectory lost its life force while the axe remained eternal.

“Nine Dao In My Heart!” Dao Ancestor summoned the images of nine scriptures. They turned into nine dao and were embedded in his chaos seal with the sole intent of killing Li Qiye.

Stonesplitter didn’t say anything and merely threw his Skypiercer with all of his might. It was the sharpest weapon in this world, capable of penetrating all weapons and armor.

The four overlords threw their best weapon in unison, hoping that the suppressed Li Qiye would be weakened enough to die.

“Activate!” Li Qiye roared and raised his hand despite the tribulations hitting him, erecting a defense made from karmic cycles to stop the incoming weapons.


“Boom!” The four weapons became stuck in the barrier, unable to break through.

Alas, the momentary destruction left Li Qiye more susceptible to the two-layered tribulations, causing him to stagger backward. “We have to keep him suppressed!” Primal shouted and all four released their resplendent anima. They possessed a unique aura, seemingly indestructible and permanent.

In the eyes of mortals and cultivators, these beings were virtually everlasting.

“Crack!” As they mustered every ounce of strength, their weapons began pushing through the cracks while Li Qiye was preoccupied with the constant lightning eruptions.

There seemed to be no end to the tribulations. There was only one outcome - Li Qiye’s death.

“Bam!” The barrier finally shattered and the four weapons flew forward.

“Go!” He waved his hand, creating a primordial push to stop them.

All of a sudden, a spear appeared out of nowhere on the horizon and made the world turn dark. The only thing spectators could see was the world-ending flame trailing behind the spear during its descent. This could pierce through the six continents in one go and slay any emperor.

They didn’t have time to think before a cry stole their attention.

“Bam!” Another dimension infiltrated and replaced the battlefield, allowing for a massive figure to show up.

Its deadly teeth gleamed brightly, allowing others to take a good look at it and see venom spewing out. This terrifying liquid melted all affinities instantly.

Li Qiye, who was already overwhelmed by the tribulations, faced two more attacks.

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