Chapter 1020: The Kindness Of Emperor God.  

Placing Nero on the bed, Victor kissed her forehead. "Sleep tight, my Little Dragon, I'll be back soon."

A small smile appeared on Nero's face as Victor smiled gently, slowly stroked her head, covered Nero's body with the blanket, and turned to Ruby.

Victor looked at Ruby, who was next to her. "It's time for me to go."

"Mmm." She nodded. Suddenly, she grabbed Victor by his shirt, pulled him towards her, and kissed him lovingly. The kiss lasted a few minutes before Ruby moved away from him.

Victor raised his eyebrow. "What was that for?"

"What? Can't I kiss my Husband?" She said teasingly.


Victor laughed. "You know that wasn't the reason for my question."

Ruby smiled lovingly. "Just giving you my reward for being a great Husband."

Victor opened his eyes widely. He hadn't expected those words, but slowly, his expression began to soften. "It seems like Honey has become softer."

"Just for you, my love." She laughed and kissed him again.

"Now go. You need to teach your new disciple." She dismissed him.

"I wouldn't call her a disciple." Victor laughed as he kissed her again.


Ruby melted into her Husband's arms, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Between her kisses, he said, "After all, I'm not teaching her my Techniques."

"Training partner then?" Ruby asked, her breath a little hot.

"Yeah, that's a correct definition…" Victor smiled wickedly as he walked away from Ruby.

Ruby pouted as she was left hot and bothered, glaring with accusing eyes at Victor.

Victor lifted her chin with a finger and said with a cheeky look and a seductive smile: "Wait for me at the Ice Castle. I will take care of you personally, my Honey."


Ruby's eyes shone with desire as she took a deep breath and released the air from her lungs. For a brief moment, pure flames came out of her mouth.

Victor laughed cheekily, seeing Ruby's state. "Here's a little gift..." He brought his face closer to Ruby's.

Ruby closed her eyes, waiting for their lips to meet again, but Victor didn't do that. Instead, he brought his face closer to her ear and bit gently before teasingly licking her neck.

Ruby's body shuddered for a few seconds, and a heavy scent of arousal emanated around her, with 'liquids' beginning to drip onto the chair she was sitting on.

Victor smiled gently and walked away. "See you later~"

Ruby snapped out of her dazed state and stared at her Husband's back, specifically his well-defined ass. She bit her lip in frustration and irritation and continued watching him until he left the room and closed the door.

'Damn tease.' She sighed and tried to regain control of herself. She looked down and saw the state of her pants, muttering something. Soon, Reality around her distorted, and the 'mess' she made ceased to exist.

Her Husband was dangerous, and she, as his Wife, understood this very well. No matter how much time passed, she never got bored of him. He always had his 'ways' to spice up their relationship.

Not only that, her Husband was very hot, and he knew it, using this entirely to his advantage to constantly tease her. 'Well... It's not like I'm complaining.' Ruby flashed a small, indecent smile.


Walking calmly down the corridor, Victor thought about what to do next.

'I don't need to train with Kali now since she needs to stabilize her Powers a little, and usually, that process takes a few hours.' From Victor's point of view, he saw his vision change. He was no longer looking at the hallway but rather looking directly at Kali.

'Her Powers haven't stabilized yet… It will probably happen in 3 hours.' Victor touched his chin and thought about his other commitments. 'I have plans with my Wife, Bruna, and my disciple on Earth.'

[Don't forget about the 'birth' of your new Daughter.] Roxanne reminded him."I didn't forget, I was thinking exactly that too." With the thought process he had now, he could think about several things at once easily. All three of these topics were on his mind, and they were already planning his next steps.

"Hmm…" Suddenly, he forced his brain to stop thinking about all this. "Let's go with the flow. I don't need to think about it too much."

As he walked, Victor couldn't help but speak out loud. "Ever since I became an authority figure, I've been overthinking about my next steps. I miss my younger self, who just acted a little more freely."

[You can blame Adonis for that.] Roxanne laughed.

"Indeed." Victor laughed lightly along with her. "Although this complaint is just my observation, I can't act without thinking when so many Beings depend on me."

[True, this is not the attitude of a God-Emperor.] Amara nodded.

[Master should do what he wants; Junketsu will support him.] A determined voice sounded through Victor's connection.

Victor smiled widely and spoke through the connection: [Thank you, Junketsu.]


[Tsk.] Two voices were heard clicking their tongues.

Amara and Roxanne looked at their respective Daughters with narrowed gazes.

[What was that?] Amara narrowed her eyes.

[Nothing.] The two huffed and went back to doing their homework. They were clearly very irritated because they were being forced to study.

They had the unique privilege of always being with their Father because they were Daughters of two World Trees, but even so, they couldn't enjoy this privilege because their Mothers were always very strict with them!

[Obey your Mothers, my beloved Daughters. As World Trees linked to me, your work is extremely important, which is why it needs further study.]

Suddenly, the two girls' bad moods disappeared as if they were just an illusion, and they smiled widely.

[Yes, Daddy~] The two spoke at the same time and returned to studying with more fervor.

Amara and Roxanne rolled their eyes at their Daughters' attitudes. It was always irritating to see how much influence Victor's words had on the girls.lightsnovel

But they didn't care much, considering this was something normal in this Family.

[Darling, have you decided what to do?] Amara asked.

"Yes...I have." Victor disappeared from the corridors.


Milky Way galaxy, Sol solar system, close to Jupiter.

Victor looked at the immensity of space with a solemn expression. This galaxy was so big but, at the same time, so small from his point of view.

With his senses, he could see every corner of this galaxy and go anywhere with just a thought.

"This view never loses its beauty," Victor spoke as he looked at planet Earth in the distance, a blue jewel of this solar system, his home planet.

"In a way, I'm really grateful that Diablo and his Demons reduced the entire world's population drastically. Thanks to him, I can preserve this beauty for myself." Victor's voice echoed in empty space, something entirely outside of normal logic. After all, the void of space had no material to transmit his voice through sound, but such things were irrelevant to someone with his capabilities.

lightsΝοvel [...I'm getting jealous, Darling. You must not worship Yggdrasil so much.] Roxanne pouted.

Amara didn't say anything, but she completely agreed with her sister.

Victor laughed gently. He had forgotten that from a World Tree's point of view, praising a living planet was the same as praising the World Tree that guaranteed life on the planet.

"Although Earth is beautiful, my own Planet is no less unique and beautiful. Not to mention that that planet is mine alone." Victor knew exactly how to stroke his jealous Wives' egos.

A smile appeared on Roxanne's and Amara's faces.[Humpf, don't let Gaia hear that, or she'll get even more vain.] Amara snorted.

[Even though Gaia is a Nature Goddess and keeps everything running, we're the ones doing the most heavy lifting through Darling.] Roxanne snorted. [We are more important.]

"Wrong, you are all important to me," Victor commented with a blank look on his face. "Gaia, Nyx, Amara, and you are all important to me."

[...Right.] Roxanne nodded as she swallowed hard.

Amara looked at Roxanne with a piercing look, her look said. 'Why did you comment on that, you fool!?'

Roxanne returned the look, saying. 'I was joking, okay!?'

The two snorted and remained silent.

Victor just shook his head at his two Wives. He would discipline them later so they wouldn't get the wrong idea but for now...

Victor's body was covered in dark violet Energy, and he began to grow... And grow... And grow...

Eventually, his body grew to a size several times larger than Jupiter, and yet, he didn't stop there. His body grew even larger, and eventually, he was larger than the entire solar system. When he reached a size where he could hold the entire solar system with one hand, his massive body stopped growing, and he began to develop Draconic features.

Eventually, a gigantic black Dragon with violet hues appeared.

Due to its massive size, its body could easily be seen from Earth. The Gods, the Mortals, everyone was in a panic seeing that massive Dragon beyond the sky.

In the face of such immensity, they were insignificant.

"I see... So this is as big as I can get currently." His heavy voice echoed in the surrounding space, causing ripples.

Victor felt disturbances in the way the balance of Space was being distorted because of his immensity, so he distorted Reality around himself to ensure that his presence didn't affect anything.

In his Dragon Form, using his Powers in such complex ways was as easy as breathing. He'd think, and something would happen. It was just that fast.

"And to think my Wife is even more massive than me," Victor spoke in disbelief as he thought about Azathoth. From his point of view now, the planets just seemed like footballs for him to play with.

If he felt this way, his Wife, Azathoth, must think of everything around her as dust and pebbles. It was at that moment that something clicked in Victor's head.

'How big must the planet that Azathoth consumed have been for even her to think of the planet as something big?' Even in her undeveloped state, Azathoth was immense. This thought put into perspective the size of the future planets he would encounter.

[Amazing Daddy!!] Amaya and Roselyn spoke at the same time.

[Don't waste time, Amaya! Record everything! We have to show our Sisters!] Roselyn spoke.


[I'm curious, Victor. Why did you take on your Dragon Form?]

[As a form of intimidation. Plus, I wanted to know my size after all my progress in my Divinity.] Victor replied.

If you compared his current size to the size he was when he first transformed into a God, it was like comparing a planet in the solar system to the sun.

"Hmm?" The Dragon's immense head turned towards the distant Andromeda Galaxy.

"...Oh?" His expression took on a look of interest when he saw 'life' on a planet. But it wasn't life as he knew it; it wasn't intelligent life. It was life similar to bacteria. The interesting thing was that they were alive on a planet that didn't have a World Tree.

A curiosity struck Victor, and he wondered: How big is this Sector?

Using his senses, he spread his influence throughout the entire Sector.

Soon, he 'saw' everything there was in this Sector, his gaze reaching a point where he could no longer observe any further because of an extremely powerful barrier and another barrier that was slowly eroding over time.

He also saw 'small' connections that would lead to other Sectors, with these likely being the locations where Nightingale, Samar, and the Witches' home world were.

"I see... Behind the strongest barrier is the passage towards Sectors that are even lower than this one, while the barrier that is slowly eroding is the barrier to the Higher Level Sectors."

Victor felt that this invisible barrier was something like the open-world video games he used to play in the past. You could see something, but you couldn't cross it.

Making a mental map of his Sector, he realized something: planet Earth was in the northern region of this Sector, and there were intelligent civilizations in the south, east, and west.

And just like in the Earth region, there were some with lives as he knew them and others that didn't, with only bacterial life being present.

Making a mental summary of what he learned, he tallied: '4 regions, 4 planets with intelligent life and developed World Trees, and several planets with only bacterial life'