Chapter 1  : I Won’t Let You DieFire!

The sky was ablaze with fire. Song Nuanyi’s world turned red. She lay weakly on the bed and watched the fire spread to the side of her bed.

Her bed was ignited. First, the blanket, the pillow, her long hair, and then her hands…

It hurt!

It really hurt!

So this was how it was like to be burned to death…

Her heart was filled with sorrow. Only today did she know that her husband, whom she had been in love with for 30 years, actually liked men!


He actually wanted to kill her for that man.

She was kept in the dark and deceived for 30 years like a fool.

The smell of gasoline in the air stimulated her nerves. Her eyes were red from the smoke. Even so, she did not shed a single tear. Her eyes were filled with resentment. She was unwilling to accept this. Even if she became a ghost, she would not let those people go.

The charred door was suddenly kicked open from the outside. She watched as a figure suddenly walked in.

“Song Nuanyi!” That person saw her on the bed and rushed toward her, ignoring the fire around her. He rushed toward her with anger and worry.

Wu Chenjin…


Song Nuanyi could no longer make a sound and suddenly shed a tear when she saw him. In the end, the person who came to save her was actually the man she had hated for her entire life.

Suddenly, a burning cabinet fell in the man’s direction. Under Song Nuanyi’s terrified gaze, Wu Chenjin was smashed to the ground. His legs were caught in the fire. He raised his head, not caring about the injuries on his body, he staggered to her side with pure determination.

Song Nuanyi’s eyes were blurred by tears. She wanted him to go, to save himself, but she could not. She could not even move her fingers. After so many years of torture, she had become almost inhuman.

Wu Chenjin used his hands to extinguish the flames on her body and carefully carried her. “Be good, don’t cry. I’ll take you out now.”

When he got up, his body swayed. Blood dripped from his legs and was evaporated by the surrounding flames.

He did not care at all. He used his body to block the flames and took her step by step to the door.


Song Nuanyi whimpered. It was the first time she saw this man in such a sorry state. The hair on his head had been burned bald, and his body was full of wounds. His face was also burned beyond recognition.

However, he had really brought her out.

As soon as he stepped out of the room, he immediately knelt on the ground. His legs could no longer move, but he still protected Song Nuanyi in his arms. He held her tightly as if she was a precious treasure.

At this moment, Song Nuanyi felt as if the sky had collapsed. The entire world had collapsed the moment the man appeared. She cried so hard that she could not make a sound.

A smile appeared on Wu Chenjin’s face. The pain on his face made him realize how terrifying he must look right now. He smiled and said, “What are you crying for? Did I scare you? Don’t worry. I will definitely save you. I promise.”

Song Nuanyi shook her head and wanted to say no, but she could not say it out loud.

He used a smile to cover the trembling in his voice. “Song Nuanyi, I saved you this time. You will be mine from now on. You have to repay me with your life. Otherwise, it would be a waste for me to like you so much.”

At that moment, the people who were blocked by the Cao family rushed in. They were shocked when they saw their Master Jing’s miserable look. They quickly came to support him. Wu Chenjin shook his head and handed Song Nuanyi to them, he said, “Send her to the hospital first.”

Song Nuanyi was surprised by his words, and she was handed to a bodyguard. She turned to look in Wu Chenjin’s direction. She tried hard to open her mouth, but she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. She knew that she would not survive.

Wu Chenjin pounced on her and almost fell to the ground. His eyes were bloodshot as he grabbed her wrist and roared, “Song Nuanyi, I won’t allow you to die. You will live well, you hear me?”

Song Nuanyi wanted to touch him, but her raised hand hung limply, and the light in her eyes slowly extinguished.

Her last glance was of Wu Chenjin with tears falling from his eyes. This tear seemed to have directly dripped into her heart, and it felt boiling hot. She could not bear this love.

I’m sorry, Wu Chenjin…

If there’s an afterlife, then it’s my turn to love you…

“I don’t want to see the Cao family again.”

The people behind him immediately nodded and accepted the order. One sentence determined the life and death of the Cao family.

Wu Chenjin returned to Lin Wan Villa. This was the place where he and Song Nuanyi met for the first time.

With his legs badly burned, he sat in the wheelchair, still hugging Song Nuanyi in his arms.

A coffin was carried in here. A few people took shovels and dug a big pit in the yard. After seeing their grandfather carrying Song Nuanyi into the coffin, they did not dare to move at all.


Those people closed the coffin in fear and trepidation. Wu Chenjin hugged Song Nuanyi and said, “Can you give me your next life?”

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as a promise.”