“My lord! Ye Tian had already collected the powers of the myriad worlds. He has gone into seclusion in preparation for breaking through to the Infinite realm!”

“Probably… He’ll come out within the next two months!”

“At that point… It will be the day our Bloodshade Demon Army… Dies!”

“The various powers of the myriad worlds are all waiting for this final battle!”

“Everyone believes that… Our Bloodshade Demon Army will definitely lose!”

In a blood red boundless void, the great armies of the demons gathered!

They lined up in perfect formations, displaying their full might and power!


It was the strongest faction in the entirety of this chaotic myriad worlds!

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed toward the very front upon the man on the void throne.

He calmly sat there, leaning his head upon a hand. A pair of blood red eyes looked forward as he thought deeply!

He was the lord of these myriad worlds. The king of the infinite universe!

Gazing down upon all!

He gazed down upon this great demon army. Gazed down upon the myriad worlds!


He was the demon lord of the Bloodshade Demon Army!

As well as the mightiest king of these chaotic myriad worlds!

Ling Ye!

The current Ling Ye had just finished integrating the memories of his previous and current lives.

He had transmigrated. Transmigrated into this major work of fantasy’s… Final boss!

In this fantasy world, he had single-handedly created the Bloodshade Demon Army and swept across the infinite universe!


And he had crushed the entirety of the myriad worlds beneath his feet!

The conquest of a king! None had come before, nor shall there be any after!

Peerless in history!


In the end, he still lost to the protagonist Ye Tian!

The protagonist Ye Tian was originally just some nameless boy who came from some backwoods village.

He overcame countless difficulties and eventually transcended his world!

In the end, he even gathered the powers of the myriad worlds and reached the Infinite realm!

In the final chapters, their battle begun.

And in the end… Ling Ye lost!And right now, it was already just before the final chapters!

That Ye Tian had already gone into his final seclusion!

The moment Ye Chen comes out, it will be the day of the ending!

Ye Chen’s blood red eyes swept across that great army before him!

Are all the final bosses nowadays getting transmigrated at around the end?

The protagonist was about to hit max level. What do?

Right now, all that awaited him… Seems to be only death?

In the original final chapters, he was crushed!

He completely lost!

Even the great army assembled under him had continuously betrayed him over these final two months!

All of them ran over to Ye Chen’s side!

He died. His soul obliterated. Betrayed by all who once followed him!

That’s the set ending for the final boss!

And now… What awaits him was just that kind of ending!

What could he do about that?

“My lord! With your powers, if you were to go into seclusion and attempt to break through to the Infinite realm, you’ll definitely b able to succeed within two months as well!”

At the forefront of the Demon Army, a man spoke.

The man wore a long robe, holding three dice in his hand.

He was Ling Ye’s right hand, Ren Fanchen!

Of course, he’s also Ling Ye’s… Greatest betrayer!

He was the first to tempt the army into treason!

When Ling Ye also entered his final seclusion, Ren Fanchen lead the way and joined Ye Tian.

Everyone saw at the tide was against them, so they all followed after.magic

By the time Ling Ye exited seclusion, he could only single-handedly face off against the organization Ye Tian created… Heaven and Earth Alliance!

The most laughable part is though, in the Heaven and Earth Alliance, a good majority of the members… Were his former subordinates!

“My lord! We shall follow my lord… And fight that Ye Tian to the end! Our great army does not truly fear him!” Ren Fanchen followed up.

Ling Ye completely ignored him.

You’re the first to turn coat, and you’re saying something like this to me now?

The great army spread out before him. That great army that he had single-handedly lead to supremacy!Every one of them are plotting on their own!

That was all stuff set up by the original story though. It can’t be helped!

Therefore… There’s no need anymore to consider them his own.

Now… If everything goes according to the original story, he’ll die for certain!

Therefore… He has to think of a way out!

A way to reverse the fated ending for this final boss!

Anyway, he might still be the demon lord of the Bloodshade Demon Army right now!

But, in reality, he was already on his own!

Anyone’s words. Anyone’s stratagems. None of it can be trusted!

From now on, it was his… Lone fight!

“My lord?”

Ren Fanchen once again called out to the deeply thinking Ling Ye.

Why isn’t he saying anything at this time?

Why isn’t he nervous at all as this point already?

Shouldn’t he be giving orders? What the heck is going on?

Ling Ye was indeed not nervous at all. Even though the ending was imminent!

But right now… There’s still a chance!

Even if there isn’t any chances!

What’s the point of facing it bravely?

It’s just death!

As he was thinking, Ling Ye seemed to have found a possible way out!

The source is… The heroine!

Indeed. The original heroine has a certain power!

Mental reincarnation!

That kind of reincarnation is a type of power that is only activated by absolute death.

Only when one is truly dead, with the soul obliterated, can it activate!

In other words, the main heroine… Has two lives!

Two absolute lives!

In the original story, only the heroine knew about her power. She had never told anyone else!

To gain that power of hers, there’s only one way. That was… To marry her!

That’s right. So long as one married her, that power of two lives will be shared by both husband and wife!

Of course, it’s still limited to the first time!

Cultivation realms: Body Forging. Spirit, Metamorphosis, Mystic, High Mystic, Sovereign, Saint, High Saint, Divine, Divine King, Divine Emperor, Supreme Divine, Infinite!