Chapter 1: Death

Wen Xinya ran into Wen Family’s old mansion looking worried.

The old mansion was surrounded by reporters. When they saw Wen Xinya, they swarmed towards her like bees to honey. There were camera flashes all around. Wen Xinya tried hiding her face with her hands, screaming, “Stop… Stop taking pictures!”

“Miss Wen, are you the person in the video clip that went viral on the internet?”

“Miss Wen, is it true that your enemies’ retaliation has caused you to lead a wandering life not long after you were born? It was said that you started swindling and stealing at five-years-old, haunted the streets as a thug at ten-years-old, and had affairs with many different men when you were fifteen-years-old. Is it true?”

“Miss Wen, someone said your unruly behavior continued after you returned to the Wen Family, and even got addicted to drugs. How long have you been taking drugs?”

“Miss Wen, please answer our questions…”


Finally, Wen Xinya got away from the reporters, exhausted. She came into the living room of the mansion. There was her stepmother Ning Shuqian, her stepsister Wen Yuya, and Xia Ruya, who had replaced and took away everything from Wen Xinya during the 15 years of her disappearance.

Wen Xinya looked anxious. She frantically asked, “Where is Grandpa? I want to see Grandpa.”

“Your Grandpa has already made the announcement to sever all ties between the Wen Family and you. You no longer belong to the Wen Family, and he will never see you again,” said Ning Shuqian with a cold smile and evil look in her eyes.

Wen Xinya looked dejected. She unconsciously shook her head and mumbled to herself, “No… No way! Grandpa would never treat me like this. I am the eldest daughter, the only descendant of the Wen Family and the only rightful heir. He would not do this to me…”

Suddenly, she froze her stumbling body and yelled at Ning Shuqian, “Grandpa would not do this to me. You’re lying! You must be lying, slut!”

Ning Shuqian walked to Wen Xinya and stood in front of her with a look of contempt on her face. She said with a sarcastic smile, “Your video clip is still being circulated on the internet. You are a loose woman, and your actions have caused much disgrace to the family. What a cheap slut!”


“You…” Wen Xinya stared at Ning Shuqian with her eyes wide open. She felt like slapping Ning Shuqian hard on her face.

Wen Yuya stepped in between them to defend Ning Shuqian. She caught Wen Xinya by the wrist and gave her a vicious look.

“You are one poor and pitiful stupid wretch. Who are you to act snobbishly here?” Wen Yuya said coldly.

Boom! To Wen Xinya it felt like something had snapped within her.

“Keep quiet! You have no right to talk to me like that. You set me up and caused me to become what I am today.”

Not long after Wen Xinya had just returned to the Wen Family at age 15 she was coaxed to a bar, where she was then drugged and raped. There were even photographs taken of her indecent acts.


The entire Wen Family came to know about it. Grandpa was extremely disappointed in her, Grandma loathed her, Wen Haowen reproved her, and even the servants despised her.

At age 18, she was kidnapped and had a large amount of liquid drug injected into her body. This was how she got her drug addiction. She had tried almost all methods within her means to quit on drugs, but failed at every attempt as there was always someone trying to intervene. In the end, she gave up quitting as her drug addiction became stronger and started to sink into a life of utter depravity.

She was forced to give up her dreams of pursuing jewelry design.

The man she loved so dearly had also left her…


Scenes from the past started to appear before her. Her heart was filled with hatred, and it devoured her mind every day and night. She worked hard to give up on her drug addiction, behaving like a walking corpse and struggling with every breath to survive. Her only goal was to have her…


What a pity! Her plan for revenge had just started, but it was intercepted and she felt too weak to carry on.

From spiking her drink to capturing her on video with a few disgusting men and having the video published on the internet, it was meticulously planned to set her up. The objective was to turn Wen Xinya into a loose woman and destroy her reputation so that she would be condemned by everyone, including the Wen Family.

Wen Yuya smiled radiantly. She looked as if she was a beautiful carnivorous flower opening a mouth full of saw-like teeth, waiting to devour Wen Xinya anytime.

“Do you know who spiked your drink not long ago, captured you on video with a few other men and had it published on the internet, causing your reputation to go down the drain?” asked Wen Yuya.

“Who could it be?” Wen Xinya thought as she slowly closed her eyes. The voices sounded as cold as the howling of the devils from hell.

She could feel her back shivering with hatred. The three people in front of her became the greatest villains of her life, waiting for her final judgment.

How could she not be aware of their acts?

But it did not make any difference.

She was alone, without any influence or power. There was little she could do to challenge them!

“It was me!” exclaimed Xia Ruya as she walked gracefully towards them.

Her movements were very elegant, and she looked even more distinguished than usual.

Wen Xinya watched Xia Ruya as she moved trippingly like a butterfly. Her actions were classy and refined. She wore a pink dress and had a slender silhouette of her back that resembled a stalk of a beautiful pink lotus.

She had beautiful features, comparable to the delicacy of a pink lotus. As perfect and spotless as she was, her eyes seemed to reveal traces of devilish enchantment.

The dew-like pupils in her eyes reflected Wen Xinya’s embarrassment, insanity, and ugliness as she held a disdainful attitude towards her.

In contrast to her own elegance, Xia Ruya despised her uncouth behavior and felt that Wen Xinya was pitiful, unfortunate, and ridiculous…

Wen Xinya started laughing out loud. “Ha Ha Ha…” She had a scrawny face caused by years of drug abuse.

“Everyone said Xia Ruya is a pure, kind-hearted and elegant lady. I think you are just a devil covered in human skin. You are ugly, greedy, disgusting, dirty…” she said with a devilish fierce look on her face.

This was her life, filled with drama and tragedy.

Wen Xinya was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and was supposed to be the rightful heir to the family’s wealth and privilege. But with a twist of fate, she had led a wandering life for 15 years enduring the bitterness of life.

Finally, when she was found and returned home, it turned out that she became the shame of the family.

On the other hand, what about Xia Ruya?

She was an illegitimate daughter who had replaced Wen Xinya and took away all that had rightfully belonged to her—identity, status, education, and kinships.

Xia Ruya gave her a cold look and said, “You have failed to live up to our expectations. It wasn’t our fault.”

Wen Xinya gave a perfunctory smile. “Hehe…” She replied in an eerily cold voice, “For all that you have done, the objective was to cut my ties with the Wen Family as the heir so that you could inherit all of the Wen Family’s wealth. Now you have finally achieved your goal!”

She thought she was unable to accept an outcome like this. But she realized she was able to stay calmer than she would have thought. It had been 10 years and she was exhausted…

Suddenly, she started losing consciousness. That familiar feeling of utter misery returned to attack her, and it felt like her heart was being ripped apart. The pain was so intense that she started to have difficulty breathing. Her body was trembling with a total loss of dignity.

Lying on the floor with her body curled up, Wen Xinya saw flashbacks of a scene where she was brought back to the Wen Family 10 years ago. There she was standing in the majestic living room, feeling a great sense of pride and with a confident look on her face, she told herself, “Zhang Xiaolan, go for it! One day you will become a worthy descendant of a prestigious family.”

Soon afterward, she saw Xia Ruya who took everything that originally belonged to her.

Xia Ruya was honorable, she was unrefined.

Xia Ruya was elegant, she was insignificant.

Xia Ruya was pure, she was immoral.

Xia Ruya was kind-hearted, she was evil.

Xia Ruya was a princess of the Wen Family, she was the shame of the Wen Family.

There she was, frequently being compared with Xia Ruya.

She finally understood it wasn’t easy to be part of an aristocratic family. Returning to the Wen Family made her feel like she was falling into another trap. She was constantly being framed, slandered, despised…

She should have had it all: kinship, attention and being doted on. But now she had to work hard and fight for what should have belonged to her. Without any recognition for her efforts, she wasn’t accepted no matter how hard she tried. This pushed her into greater despair and hopelessness.

It had been 10 years, had her struggles finally come to an end?

Ning Shuqian appeared before her and pinched her cheek so hard that it forced Wen Xinya to look back at her. Ning Shuqian said, “It isn’t my fault. If you must, blame it on your fate that you are Mo Yunyao’s daughter. What is so good about that Mo Yunyao bitch? Why is everyone making comparisons between us? Haha… I just can’t stand it! As outstanding as she was, I will make her daughter her greatest humiliation. Her daughter’s life shall be ruined by drug-abuse, alcohol, fights, adultery, hahaha…”

“I will not forgive you for insulting my Mother!” said Wen Xinya as she pounced on Ning Shuqian. Both of them fell to the ground. She had bitten on Ning Shuqian’s ear as hard as she could, not aware of how much strength she had used. There was a bloody taste in her mouth as a loud moan of pain rang in her ears.

Still dazed, she could feel someone pulling her away with extreme strength, and then she was beaten up viciously.

Xia Ruya bent down in front of her and said gently, “Oh I almost forgot to inform you that Jingnan and I are getting married soon. We will have the most magnificent wedding ceremony. Xinya… do give me your blessing!”

“Jing… Jingnan!” Wen Xinya immediately remembered that handsome, young man who had already become Xia Ruya’s fiancé.

Using a gentle voice that was as calming as the heavenly sound of nature, Xia Ruya said, “Xinya, I am grateful to you. You know, I took over everything that used to be rightfully yours. Please be assured that I will continue to live a blessed life, and enjoy all the happiness on your behalf…”

Suddenly, Xia Ruya took a syringe and stabbed it into Wen Xinya’s arm. She said, “Please… rest in peace! Remember to bless Jingnan and me from heaven.”

As the drug entered Wen Xinya’s bloodstream, she started losing consciousness. The chandelier in the hallway seemed to become a rainbow as it colored her eyes. With her last breath, she clenched her teeth and shouted, “You have destroyed my life, I will come back to haunt you even if I die…”

On this day, the eldest daughter of the Wen Family was pronounced dead due to a drug overdose.