Empress No More 1

The words that came from Feng Tianhua's lips broke Tang Moyu's heart into several million pieces. She knew he didn't feel anything for her, but why did her heart ache?

This wasn't the first time he berated her, but what he said tonight was incomparable to those mean words he spat in her face before.

Who was Tang Moyu? She was Feng Tianhua's fiancée, but she was also nothing but a joke right now.

Feng Tianhua burst in at a party she was hosting in a rented mansion near the Tang's and confronted her. He squeezed her throat painfully and asked her, "Did you push Xing Yiyue down the stairs? I didn't know that you're a vicious woman, Tang Moyu."

Of course, she denied his accusations. How could she possibly hurt Xing Yiyue when she had tried her best to avoid his woman.

"I didn't push her down the stairs. Don't accuse me without proof, Feng Tianhua!" She was struggling to free herself from his hold and tried to ignore how everyone around them was gossiping.


The socialites of Shenzhen were mocking her behind their smiles as they watched Feng Tianhua humiliate the 'Empress' in public. 'Oh, how low the mighty have fallen.' They snickered.

As long as Feng Tianhua believed Xing Yiyue's words, there's nothing else that Tang Moyu can do to convince him. Just what did that woman say for him to spite her like this? Tang Moyu had never seen him look at her with such intense hatred.

Feng Tianhua ignored her words and glared at her ruthlessly as if she was the lowest scum he'd seen in his life.

"Proof? Even if I present you with proof, there's nothing you can deny now. Do you think your explanation matters at this point?"

Tang Moyu felt difficult to breathe for some reason, but her eyes caught a hand with a long black sleeve folded up to its forearm, revealing the cufflinks she gifted to him on his birthday last year, in front of her as she felt a slight pressure on her throat.

Her eyes shifted to the owner of the hand and landed on Feng Tianhua's steely gaze. Tang Moyu had long been familiar with the sharp facial features that were paired with his indifferent temperament as if everyone was his subject and below him.


He seemed to be frowning deeply as his brows were knitted as he looked at her with disgust. In his eyes, Tang Moyu could see his unconcealed disgust over her. His entire presence was emitting a menacing aura that would've choked her if he wasn't already strangling her.

"Feng Tianhua, release me this instant!" She sneered at him. No, she refused to be pinned down by this man no matter what happens today. Her eyes were rimmed red, her whole body shook uncontrollably as she looked at Feng Tianhua.

Tang Moyu laughed seeing his expression with a pang in her heart.

"Xing Yiyue? Who is she? What is she to me? Your tramp isn't even worth a mention next to my name when it comes to social status and education."

Suddenly, his other hand came and hit her hard on her face. Tang Moyu felt her cheek burning with pain where he hit her. Her eyesight became dizzy and she stumbled backward and had lost her balance right then.

Fear washed through her entirety as she realized she was falling. Her hand reached out to cover her lower abdomen and shut her eyes expecting the unbearable pain.


Just when she thought she would fall hard on the floor, another woman stepped forward, catching her midway and weakening the impact of the fall on her body.

Tang Moyu looked over her shoulder and saw that it was her childhood friend, Li Meili glaring furiously at the man looking down at them with disdain. Li Meili had known the two since she was young. This was actually the first time she saw them actually fighting and what's more, it was because of another woman.

"Feng Tianhua! Are you out of your mind?! To actually hit a woman with your hand? What are you?" Li Meili snapped at him.

"I'm not even hitting a woman. What nonsense are you talking about, Li Meili?" Feng Tianhua tilted his head to face Li Meili before turning his steely gaze to Tang Moyu who was in her arms. He narrowed his eyes at the pathetic state she was in.

"How can you call her a woman when she is no better than a beast? To hurt a person out of jealousy? You must be out of your mind." He added.

"Tang Moyu, you are nothing compared to Xing Yiyue. Even if you stand stark naked in front of me, it would be the same looking at a chicken pretending to be a phoenix. Empress of the business world?" He paused as he chuckled at Tang Moyu with disgust. "What a joke."

Tang Moyu shivered as though she was splashed with a bucket of ice-cold water. Every harsh word that came out from his mouth felt like a stab right in her chest. What had she done to deserve a treatment like this?

"Do you think you deserve my attention? Aren't you overestimating yourself, Tang Moyu? From today onwards, our engagement is off and the Feng family has nothing to do with the Tangs anymore."

Feng Tianhua and Tang Moyu have known each other since their youth. Tang Moyu looked at the man in front of her, who had a devilishly handsome face. He had profound features and looked like the man she grew up with. Although they were engaged, she had long accepted that they cannot be lovers.

She was raised to become his wife and had never dared to cross the line to offend him. Even when she found out about his countless lovers, Tang Moyu turned a blind eye to it.

The Tang family, where she came from, were popular for producing great madams being married to wealthy families within Shenzhen. Among their social circle, the Tang women were one of the most sought after when it comes to a candidate for a wife.

Marriage was just for business and politics while romance was for the lovers of their supposed-to-be husbands.

Feng Tianhua's father saw and met her when she was a child and thought of her as a perfect match for his son, Tianhua. From then on, from an early age, Tang Moyu was educated on etiquette and education fit for her future status as Madam Feng.

Fortunately, when she met Feng Tianhua, they got along well like good friends. They didn't see each other as lovers but that was okay. They were on good terms and Tang Moyu had no qualms about his relationships, as long as it didn't go overboard.

They both agreed to be married only because of the gain their families could get from each other. Until now, they'd been good friends to each other and had never fought —that was until he brought Xing Yiyue along.